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Commercial Property Services

We have a very broad understanding of various aspects of commercial property and have been involved in all aspects of property finance, remediation, development, construction leading to the eventual lettings.We have acted for both landlords and tenants in the negotiation of commercial leases of all types of properties from Hospitals constructed pursuant to Local Improvement Finance Trusts (“LIFT” projects), to shopping centres and industrial estates.

Commercial Property Services


We have experience of acting for landlords who range from pension funds, local authorities to developers and the NHS. We have a thorough understanding of what a landlord will expect when negotiating commercial leases to maximise their investment.

We have represented retail brands as tenants too; therefore if you are a landlord who has managed to secure the occupation of this type of tenant for your premises, our knowledge of their expectations will prove useful to you during negotiations.

Do you require legal advice with regard to the management of your property portfolio?

We have experience in the management of portfolios involving anywhere from 5 to 500 properties for both the private and the public sector. We can review your property documentation on a fixed fee per property basis helping you to manage your budget and minimise risks.

Commercial Property Services


If you are a tenant at the moment or you are thinking of taking a lease of a property, we can help you negotiate favourable lease terms with your landlord or prospective landlord.

In order to do this, it is essential that you involve your legal advisor in the early stages of negotiations. We have acted for various types of landlord and we can advise you on what to expect from them as a result.

Additional Commercial Property Services

Sales and Acquisitions

We have experience ranging from acting for pension funds acquiring properties subject to hundreds of leases to companies incorporated abroad selling properties in the UK, to SMEs selling their premises in the local high street.

Whatever the size of the transaction, we have the expertise to help you complete your transaction as quickly as possible. We want you to be able to realise your investment and assist you with your next venture!

Conditional Contracts / Options and Overage

We have extensive experience in the implementation of the more complex contractual arrangements including the sale of sites subject to overage provisions.

We have acted for both land owners and developers in drafting bespoke documentation for property development.

Building Agreements

We have been instructed to act in the acquisition of properties subject to building agreements and leases. We can draft deeds of appointment, warranties and agreements for lease where required.

Examples of the work we have been involved in include the acquisition of a site by a major retailer for the acquisition and construction of premises for mixed use.

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What do my clients say?

“All of my instructions are derived from “word of mouth” referrals. I spend nothing on advertising. For example, a new job came in very recently, which came from a new client who was referred by an existing client. This really is the ultimate compliment as to my expertise” Zoe Tranter

Give something back – pro bono

“Where I can I try and take at least one matter on a pro bono or low fee basis for somebody who genuinely needs help where they could not ordinarily afford good legal advice. It is not financial gain that is a driving force, but more, a matter of some situations offending my sense of fair play, for which I feel compelled to step in and provide help to such individuals” Zoe Tranter

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Values & Ethos
"I love what I do. I think that this is an essential ingredient in running a business. You work hard, it cannot be about financial gain alone. There has to be something more. I have a job that means I am mistress of my own destiny, that other people are reliant upon me, that challenges me but also invigorates me. The hours can be long, but it does not feel like that. I could do what I do all day, without noticing the time" Zoe Tranter
Values & Ethos
Ambition and a willingness to learn
"You must set goals and you must always have a contingency plan and conceive of every eventuality that you possibly can. You need to have a vision for your business. I had a strong vision for my company, with a strong message and now have a fantastic, ever growing client base that have wholeheartedly bought into that message over the last eleven years of trading. I am always looking to broaden my experience and I am not afraid of a challenge – it is how I have grown both personally and professionally. I have done this by securing larger clients and contracts and also by training more junior members of the team, thus strengthening my team building and management skills" Zoe Tranter
Values & Ethos
You must be disciplined and keep your vision and your goals in mind at all times. Set task lists, follow up on those telephone calls, do not leave your desk until the client has their contract. Work harder than your competitors, cultivate your contacts to their upmost in order to ensure that you are one step ahead.
Values & Ethos
"I am a very positive person, even through the darkest times in my life, I have always seen a purpose or a lesson in what I have been through. Life really is what you make it" Zoe Tranter
Values & Ethos
"My company uses state of the art IT and communication and document production systems, which means that my clients have a 24 hour service, only ever really provided by the larger, city centre based firms. This was the case from the beginning, and we are always looking for that next unique selling point" Zoe Tranter
Values & Ethos
"I am from a “non traditional” legal background and I am therefore passionate about giving others of a similar background, who may not have even considered a career in law, a chance" Zoe Tranter

A commitment to Birmingham and the Midlands

“I have spent most of my career in Birmingham and the Midlands over the last twenty years, and I have a special bond with the city and surrounding areas. For example, when at Bevan Ashford (now Bevan Brittan), I was part of the team that helped promote the firm in the city and raise their profile in the local business community. I have also worked with Hammonds (then Edge Ellison) one of the stalwart Birmingham firms of which Lord Digby Jones also hails. I am very passionate about promoting the city, one such example being making representations on social media as to the need to host more high profile commercial property / real estate sector events such as MIPIM, for example, in Birmingham”
Zoe Tranter